Gordon Nightingale

 From Kathmandu by taxi took seven hours to Pokhara.
Overnight at the Pun Hill Lodge, our host lent us her car.
A driver too at quite a cost to take us on to Beni
On a cobbled street six stories high we found the Hotel Yeti.

Lindsay had never seen Nepal and me just twice before
Culture shock would hit him hard but he loved it even more
We met up with Krishna Pun old friend from five years ago
He said, “We leave tomorrow morning at dawn’s earliest glow.”

We threw our gear in the tray of the rugged 4 wheel drive.
Ten Kilometres on a switch back road really brings one alive.
The road so narrow, steep and rough took us up to Dognam
The tea house called so we had tea and bread with paw paw jam.

Twelve kilometres to walk to Chimkola ahead of us now lay
The sight of the trail etched into the cliff really made my day.
Above the cliff-face beetled overhead rising upward to the clouds
To the left a six hundred metre sheer drop. “Shit!” I exclaimed loud.

Crude stone steps rising higher not much more than a metre wide
A path so narrow and dangerous with nowhere left to hide.
Then we reached a terrace to stop and rest and have a drink
On the ledge, the very cliff edge, was like standing on the brink

I stood on the ledge, the very edge, a fabulous scene below me
The base of the valley hidden from view by a river of mist I could see.
I wondered if it was so, that so far below four elephants supported the world.
The legend untrue, the valley came into view as the mist magically swirled.

A turn to the right. Oh! What a sight! The eight thousand metre Dhalughiri
As I stood on the ledge the scene went to my head lost in a trance so eerie.
My friends had their way they had to drag me away to carry on with the trek.
When I stood on ledge, excitement, elation, a feeling I’ll never forget