Victor Szwed

The Daylesford District Community Bank invested $120,000 in grants and sponsorships for current and upcoming community projects during the 2019-2020 financial year.

Some projects are on hold or are being progressed more slowly because of the COVID-19 impacts on local groups that have been awarded grants. Community Bank Investment Committee Chair, Margaret Hodge commented “These grants have provided valuable support, particularly during the COVID-19 crisis. We will continue to support a range of community groups as they re-establish their activities coming out of the pandemic restrictions.”

The Good Grub Club received $2,810 to purchase a new stove and dishwasher. The Club volunteers have been busy as demand for meals and wellness assistance has risen from around 35 people per week to over 300.

Students from Daylesford Primary School are being given a $200 grant for a lunch-time Lego Club following a letter recently received by the Bank. Hepburn Cricket Club has been allocated $4,638 for an automatic bowling machine for practice sessions.

The Daylesford and District Historical Society received $10,000 for equipment to read and convert old-format microfilm and microfiche into digital format. This will ensure that many valuable records can be accessed and used on modern computers.

The Glenlyon Group of CFA units received $12,580 towards vital firefighting equipment jointly funded by Daylesford and Trentham Community Banks. This grant was approved during the severe fire season and covers defibrillator machines, safety helmets and protective clothing.

Daylesford Secondary College has been granted $18,273 and the Daylesford Dharma School $1,390. These grants are funding important equipment used to deliver STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) State Programs. Secondary students learn robotics, computer programming and a range of other vital skills. Dharma School students did creative and stimulating STEM challenges while working from home during the COVID-19 restrictions and will continue that work when they return to school.

Other grants include: Glenlyon Pony Club $10,000; Daylesford Hepburn CWA $3,500 towards new Christmas decorations for the Daylesford and Hepburn retail centres; and Daylesford Agricultural Show $720 for a new Show banner.

Margaret Hodge added: “We recognise that the recovery process will take quite a while with some community groups struggling and they will need additional support. Our Community Bank can be approached by contacting our Branch Manager Simon Robinson or by going to the grants and sponsorships section on our web site


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