The Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre will be hosting COVID-19 Governance Training for community groups and volunteers on 16 July. The course will ensure that community groups and volunteers are abreast of all the COVID-19 risks and know how to manage the risks within groups.

The pandemic is demanding a lot of changes in the way organisations work to keep their volunteers and their communities safe, including special cleaning practices and ways of identifying and following up people they come into contact with.

This hands-on 3 hour work shop is designed to help participants understand what needs to be in place, as well as to provide participants with simple to use templates that can easily be converted to get activities up and running as soon as it is safe.

During the course, participants will work on their own

  • list of relevant resources/legislation
  • risk management plan
  • pandemic policy (including contact tracing forms)
  • cleaning protocols (including safety data sheets, worksheets, checklists)
  • communications pack (including communications should you ever have a case of COVID-19)

Participants will also have an opportunity to discuss ways to keep everyone in their group happy in the face of all the changes needed to keep them safe.

The course will be held on site at the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre,with groups of 8 people so it can comply with social distancing requirements. The course was developed and will be presented by the Clunes Neighbourhood House. The program has run in Clunes for the local community.

The workshop cost is $60 per person.

For more information, call the Neighbourhood Centre on 53483569.