Update: The Victorian Premier has announced re-imposition of some social distancing regulations and a delay in easing of other restrictions from 11:59 pm Sunday, Jun 21. However, he has stated that eased restrictions on community sport and recreation can proceed as planned. “Community sport for kids and non-contact competition for adults can proceed as planned”, he stated in announcing changes on Saturday.

Sport and Recreation Victoria has published guidelines on return to play and training for community sport and recreation activities. From Monday, June 22. indoor sport and recreation activities can resume with groups of 10 adults and a limit of 20 adults in any space. There are no limits on numbers if all of the participants are 18 years or younger. Contact sport training and competition can resume for people 18 and under. Adult sports are limited to non-contact training. Non-contact competitions can resume for all ages.

Reopening often is not straightforward for sporting clubs and associations however. Clubs which utilise council facilities must adhere to Sport and Recreation guidelines and negotiate with Council about individual facilities. Sporting associations and insurers may place further restrictions on activities. Below is an incomplete list of some of the sporting and recreation activities reopening in Dayelsford and Hepburn.

Daylesford ARC

The ARC is reopening from June 22 subject to State government restrictions and restrictions put in place by Sport and Recreation Victoria. Three basketball courts and two squash courts are available for bookings by community groups and individuals. Contact the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre for more information (5348 3569).

Exercise classes

Many yoga, Pilates, strengthening and dance instructors have continued throughout the lockdown to offer group classes using digital communication platforms like Zoom. Reopening for these individual instructors depends on negotiations with individual facilities about group numbers and sanitary requirements. For example, some facilities have allowed Pilates and yoga to resume but have not allowed Zumba because of the nature of the activity. Participants are encouraged to contact individual instructors.


Hepburn Springs Golf Club

Hepburn Springs Golf Club has reopened and the course is in excellent condition. Men’s and Women’s competitions have resumed and the course is open to green fee players.  To book, contact Beverley (0401 128 964) or book on-line (hepburngolf.com.au). The club room is open on a restricted basis for drinks from Monday, June 22. Meals can be booked for groups of 10 or more.

Lawn Bowls

The Daylesford Bowling Club is closed over winter and bowls should resume in September. The Bistro is open on a limited basis but the Club is still working on how to manage opening with the new restrictions coming into place on Monday, June 22.


The Daylesford and Hepburn United Football Club has resumed restricted training for senior players and will resume full-contact training for junior boys and girls in the week of June 22. Restrictions on training activities and equipment will remain in place for senior players until July 20. The Ballarat and District Soccer Association has announced that play for juniors will recommence on July 12th and for seniors from the 26th July.  The modified season will run until October.


The Daylesford Lawn Tennis Club has a single all-weather court that is open for members and guests. Grass courts are expected to be ready for play in October. Club rooms are not open. Play is on a first-come-first-served basis. Players are asked to limit their play to an hour. For guests there is an honour box at the entrance in West Street ($20 per hour).


Volleyball will recommence at the ARC for social and competition players from July 12. Restrictions mean than teams will be limited to 5 players per side to meet the limit of 10 people in a group. Two courts will run simultaneously so that 20 players at a time can use the facility. Resumption of school volleyball for primary and secondary students is still under consideration by the Education Department.


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